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hipsters in space

Posted in music, video by tipo on October 21, 2008

this video is remindful of the cartoon daria, miss her dearly.  and watching steve aoki shoot lasers via his turntables in space is simply classic.

a further musical ode to hipsters in space is belle & sebastian’s “a spaceboy dream”.


my gma’s 2nd lesson in blogging

Posted in blogs by tipo on October 21, 2008

my gma followed up with gawker writer hamilton nolan, who posted the emily gould story, and apparently he’s a super nice guy and taught my gma her 2nd lesson:
“Hey there. Believe it or not you weren’t the only person who sent us the piece. The mag itself sent it to us, and my editor passed it onto me. Also our tipsters generally prefer to stay anonymous, although we’re happy to give credit if they ask for it. Hamilton”

ok. ok. guess my gma got ahead of herself.

my gma’s 1st lesson in blogging

Posted in blogs, internet-it-girl by tipo on October 21, 2008

my gma emailed gawker this morning concerning the below internet-it-girl report.  what does gawker do?  read my gma’s email and then creates its own post on the subject and gives my gma no credit.  how rude!  the proof:  my gma sent gawker and email a 10:58 am; gawker posts the story at 12:13pm

internet-it-girl report

Posted in internet-it-girl by tipo on October 21, 2008

emily gould kept a low profile, since her all exposing New York Times Mag feature from this past may.  but the former gawker editor is back and finds herself pigeonholed as a voice of the self-promotion blog world.  writing for a MIT publication is great, but writing about justine “iJustine” ezarik–“a new breed of completely self-constructed celebrities”–will not help emily’s cause of becoming a respected journalist.  come on, girl.   you can do better than that.  why don’t you be the judge of iJustine’s emerging microcelebrity status:

internet-it-girl report

Posted in blogs, internet-it-girl by tipo on October 20, 2008

this morning emily brill reminisces about a june montauck wedding reception where gawker’s nick denton appears agitated, likely skipped his morning dose of metamucial.  my gma has the same problem, nick.  TRANSLATION: emily brill gives nick denton a shout out in hopes of gaining a surge of early week blog traffic.  will emily brill’s transparency result in a gawker post?

cmj ’08 mania begins tomorrow

Posted in events, Uncategorized by tipo on October 20, 2008

this week marks cmj.  a highly disorganized festival, though its addition of the online personalized scheduler maker is sweet.  no less, the best shows are non-cmj sponsored showcases (fader, myopenbar, brooklynvegan, and gothamist to name a few) with free booze.  check out this compilation of every cmj and non cmj showcase flyer.

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at last! entourage was above average tonight

Posted in tv by tipo on October 20, 2008

entourage season 5 has been disappointing.  but FINALLY tonight’s episode gave a glimpse of hope that ari’s storyline–an offer to run alan grey’s studio–will drive the series forward.  

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