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internet-it-girl report: hiatus recap cory kennedy

Posted in internet-it-girl by tipo on December 17, 2008

looks like cory kennedy suffers from “the used to be cute as a child celebrity syndrome”.  regardless that her fame arose in her midteens, and she’s now only 18, the spotlight and endless boozing must be taking a toll on her once olsen-twins-esque face. ckart

cory dec 08 at art basel


cory sometime in 06

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internet-it-girl report: hiatus recap emily brill

Posted in internet-it-girl by tipo on December 16, 2008

apparently, emily b. had a rough year.  her media daddy hooks her up with a msnbc job, she ditches it, launches a blog, loses a lot of weight, takes a break from blogging, and returns with a newfound desire to not blog for the sake of blogging, but to blog well. damn, girl.  mygma is so proud, but would suggest to deter from insinuating that weight loss allows you to go from a social misfit to a blogging insider. it’s doubtful dieticians and journalists would suggest that a healthy diet and exercise greatly impacts the perspective of your writing.

internet-it-girl report: hiatus recap julia allison

Posted in internet-it-girl by tipo on December 16, 2008

julia allison produces a video professing why she deserves to go to harvard business school.  hm, that sounds a lot like legally blonde’s elle woods’ video addmissions essay to harvard law school.

back from my autumn blog hiatus

Posted in blogs, internet by tipo on December 16, 2008

mygma is very sorry.  i won’t lament about why, as that is what our internet-it-girls are for, but please accept my apology.  i shall recap our internet-it-girl activity in a moment.  luckily, my recap will be breif and mainly headlines as Internet users are presently undergoing a transformation of twitter consciousness.  recent signs are as follows:

1) september ’08 facebook news feed adoption

2) followed by the nyt sunday mag explaining, “No one is reading a six-part investigative series about mayoral malfeasance on Twitter”. oh, is that why print is dying?

3) gawker gets a twitter-esque makeover last week: “This new condensed format, which is being deployed across the entire Gawker Media empire this afternoon, will make it easier to scan more headlines and speed up the page load time. …One of the drawbacks of the traditional blog format is that great stories that we post in the morning can get buried by the afternoon.” evidence that “new” is obsolete in a world that updates by the microsecond.

so, unfortunately, not only was nicholas carr correct in asking “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, in terms of the deterioration of memory, but also his examination of web-reading preferring “efficiency” and “immediacy” over traditional (print) reading that allows for textual interpretation, making rich mental connections, and overall becoming a more intelligent person is long gone.  yikes.  (and further apologies if this post was too long for you, i’ll try to think less of your literacy in my next post.)