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skittles homepage is now its twitter feed

Posted in internet by tipo on March 2, 2009

will this boost skittles sales?  don’t know.  however, it created a tremendous amount of online buzz today.  the major issue, though, does not have to do with skittles; it has everything to do with twitter.  look at the amount of money you are losing, twitter.  a major brand is using your framework for free as its homepage.  time for a major crackdown, charge every business, and then like ad clicks, start charging per feed.  get with the program!!

…to make one initial critique of the skittles initiative, there’s very little brand value in a free for all conversation.  some twitter posts address skittles–both positive and negative–and others have nothing to do with the brand.  skittles should have a representative navigating the conversation, whether it is answering basic customer service questions or creating talking points around the brand such as recipes that include skittles.  the goal should be to have a 2 way conversation between the brand and its consumers, not a platform for just the consumers.

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  1. jon said, on March 2, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    i’m more inclined to buy skittles now that i have used these cutting-edge digital tools (insert sarcasm).

  2. […] Last week it was clear Skittles did not fully understand social media.  Creating pages on each of the major platforms does not create brand value and engagement.  The candy marketing department did not set goals other than (negative) exposure. […]

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