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It Girl Dance Party Tonight at (Le) Poisson Rouge

Posted in events by tipo on April 30, 2009


Lissy Trullie headlines, Harley & Cassie DJs … possibly way too much LA/NYU under one roof.


Apple sued for threatening First Amendment rights

Posted in Uncategorized by tipo on April 28, 2009

BluWiki, a public wiki site, sued Apple for curtailing users First Amendment rights.  Apple noticed that people were sharing information about how to use an iPhone or iPod with third-party software (something Apple doesn’t allow).  So in November 2008, Apple demanded the wiki remove the pages that discussed the above.  Wikis, however, are for the open sharing of information.  And BlueWiki doesn’t run advertisements or any other models for commercial revenue.  It seems that BluWiki has a very strong free speech case.

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Internet It Girl Report: Emily Gould Speaking at the 92nd St Y

Posted in events by tipo on April 27, 2009


On Monday, June 8, Emily Gould will be a Girls Like Us panelist:  Successful women who came of age in different eras compare their experiences as writers, workers, lovers, mothers and daughters and discuss the pendulum swing of their lives, from stability and traditionalism to rebellion and bohemianism and back again.

Branded Content: ‘SUP Magazine + (500) Days of Summer

Posted in blogs, film by tipo on April 26, 2009

As print media dies out, magazines scavenge to find ways to survive.  A great example is what I like to call branded content experiences.  ‘SUP’s integration with Fox Searchlight’s upcoming indie summer hit (500) Days of Summer exemplfies such:xjrp8n5mlmmdbiho2yusynyno1_r2_5001

“(500) Days of Summer isn’t a love story, it’s a story about love. ‘SUP Magazine isn’t a music magazine, it’s a magazine about music. Obviously, a match made in heaven. Welcome to (500) Days of ‘SUP, a daily web site created by the staff of ‘SUP, about music, culture and art, based around and inspired by the Fox Searchlight feature film (500) Days of Summer.”

Best Integration with Vimeo by Honda

Posted in internet by tipo on April 25, 2009

Not only is Honda’s “Let It Shine” campaign beautiful, but the way it plays with the Vimeo interface is unreal.  For the full effect, try to watch it here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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News Done Right

Posted in internet by tipo on April 24, 2009


Newsmap is back and better than ever.  Some new features are rectangular squares to create room for more text, search as you type, and deep linking.

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Website devoted to all the things you should not have said on Twitter

Posted in blogs by tipo on April 23, 2009


Likely dedicated to Cisco Fatty, may he remain unemployed.  Check all the tweets here.

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Nylon Records Launches

Posted in music by tipo on April 22, 2009


And the music industry takes one step closer to death.  The label’s founding Parisian band Plastiscines can at the very least be guaranteed an album cover of neon, glitter glam, and strong early 90s undertones.

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The Twitter # May Save The Conversation

Posted in internet by tipo on April 22, 2009


I must admit I may have been wrong about Twitter threatening public discourse.  The # seems like it’s saving the conversation by allowing multiple people to follow a single streamed conversation, opposed to the non sequitur person to person tweet.  Brands like Land Rover are recognizing the opportunity to create communal Twitter conversations:  Its national ad campaign promotes #LRNY on billboards and taxi TVs around NYC.  The risk for brands is receiving negative comments; yet, the risk for the public forum is losing a platform for dissent.  Do you know any solid examples of dissenting views within Twitter that have birthed new ideas?  Please discuss at #savetheconvo.

Internet It Girl Report: Ex-Gawker-ers Launch a New Site

Posted in blogs by tipo on April 21, 2009

Alex Balk and Choire Sicha launched The Awl yesterday.  Emily Gould is a contributor.  Mediabistro describes the site as, “[A] website that zippily surveyed a wealth of resonant, weird, important, frightening, amusing bits of news and ideas? And what if it weren’t totally clogged with reality show linkbait? …[I]t begins here, in an extremely bare form. It might even grow.”

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