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Showtime advertises on the Kindle

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Ad models evolve with each mode of technology.  Showtime will offer Kindle users a free download of the pilot script Nurse Jackie, the channel’s new series, beginning tomorrow.  Banner ads will also appear on and the Kindle.  Successful iPhone ad models involve utility; will Kindle ad models surround exclusive content?  Is that enough?

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Twitter is the #1 buzzword for Class of ’09 Commencement Speakers

Posted in internet by tipo on May 26, 2009

cornellumassjonhopkinds jmucolumbialehighMany more shout-outs here.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk: A Future Model for Local Democracy

Posted in Uncategorized by tipo on May 21, 2009

Artist Aaron Koblin set a minimal price for each task within his project and saw a surge in participation.  The Amazon Mechanical Turk model of identifying a task, finding the time to complete it, and being monetarialy rewarded could easily be applied to local governing and create jobs.  For example, there was a severe storm in your town that caused a school gym’s roof to collapse.  The town would set the task of repairing the roof, local members would respond to complete the task and then be paid for their work.

Two free events worth attending tomorrow night

Posted in events by tipo on May 20, 2009

Stop by McNally’s bookstore in SoHo to listen to Jonathan Lethem, Carmen Boullosa, and Javier Calvo discuss the life and work of Roberto Bolaño from 7-9pm.  RSVP to

Then head to Glasslands in Williamsburg for the VICE x Colt 45 launch party, featuring These Are Powers and of course free Colt 45.  RSVP here

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Crispin Porter + Bogusky auction off interns

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cpbCP+B is auctioning three months of service with all proceeds going to the hardest working people they know – the CP+B interns themselves. So bid early and often, and world-class advertising can be yours for a fraction of the going rate.  CP+B, how about foregoing the auction and offering your interns a full time job?

The most essential iPhone app for a New Yorker

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Email ‘N Walk replaces the plain white background of the email application with a live view of the camera.  I have yet to try it out, but hope the same engineering applies to texting.  No more near death taxi or bike swipes while on the iPhone!

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Internet It Girl Report: Sloane Crosley

Posted in internet-it-girl by tipo on May 14, 2009

What has Sloane been up to other than writing her second book of essays?

“The first season of Mad Men on Netflix, a catalogue of cheap(er) art called Blind Spot, The Virgins album, the Deer Tick album, 2666, Toni Morrison interviewing Fran Leibowitz at The Director’s Guild (someone asked Leibowitz what she had against marriage and she said “marriage is just someone else having the keys to your apartment. Except they call it their apartment”), the desserts at Allen & Delancey, disgusting-sounding veggie duck pad thai from a thai restaurant called, aptly, “Thailand,” button down shirts from Rag & Bone, this.” —The L Magazine

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NightTline: A Twitter news web series?

Posted in internet by tipo on May 12, 2009

ntl_twitter_090511_mnABC’s program Nightline will host a 30 minute web series that includes tweets.  We already see this on CNN.  And many argue that interrupting the program to include tweets devalues the brand.  NightTline aims to support Twitter debate.  But the question is whether the program can sustain the discourse outside of the program, as a public forum needs more than a half hour each week.  Also the web series will cast from ABC’s website — will Twitter ever integrate video feeds into its framework?

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Twitter Search will become the new Google Search

Posted in internet by tipo on May 7, 2009

Twitter Search will soon crawl links that are tweeted and then index the content of those pages.  It will also rank users, so the search results will reflect the reputation of the tweeter (less spam).  Unfortunately, brands will likely look more like RSS feeds than voices because SEO now comes into play.

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It’s the filtered cool version of etsy.

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