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Lessons from Obama’s Media Strategy

Posted in internet by tipo on August 3, 2009

New York Magazine’s “The Message is the Message” explains that President Obama is a content provider because that’s the only way to survive in today’s new media environment. It’s not fair to say that every person or brand should act the same as Obama, but the following new media strategies are worth learning from the President:

-Ubiquity is not the same as overexposure. It’s a deliberate strategy. But make sure each message and platform has a purpose.

-You have to turn on a fire hose. One blog post or one video a day doesn’t make the cut. However, many times one blog post or one video is recirculated throughout the net (dare I say, viral effect).

-No one story gains traction for very long, so don’t be afraid to send out multiple messages. Positive or negative, the shelf life is short. But don’t forget the power of search and how a message can live forever on the net.

-Publish, then filter. Sound bites aren’t needed anymore because people consume speeches on their own time constraints. Digital publishers like to take ownership of content and liberally select their own sound bites – we live in a world of 140-characters. So perhaps providing sound bites wouldn’t be a bad idea.

-Go directly over the heads of the mainstream press and prepackage your content. Yes! Yes! And make sure to micro target your content.

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