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The Price of this Weekend’s Times Magazine Cover Story

Posted in print by tipo on August 29, 2009


$400,000.  Gerald Marzorati, editor of the Times Magazine, slightly exaggerated the cost because 400G would have been the price if solely Times staff writers created the 13,000-word investigation of the New Orleans hospital where patients were brought to during Hurricane Katrina.  Instead, reporter Sheri Fink began working on the project in 2007 as a fellow at the Kaiser Foundation and stayed until the investigation was finished and she began collaborating with Times editors.  Fink got paid a little under 45G for her work; however, this was a rare occasion for cheap, hard journalism.  Apparently, The New York Times’ Baghdad bureau costs $3 million a year, while The Washington Post’s drains $1 million; The Miami Herald’s audit of the 2000 presidential election results in Florida put the paper out $850,000.

The question then becomes how today’s news outlets justify the cost.  Does a million page views make the high price ok?  Impact?  Buzz?  Twitter sentiment?  How many sites and blogs repost the article?

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