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Berlin Wrap Up

Posted in travel by tipo on January 9, 2010

People are right when they compare Berlin to Greenwich Village in the 60s and 70s. For such an old city, it’s still finding itself. The outburst of underground art and music is unfortunately tainted by high unemployment rates and a lack of babymaking. Even so, you must go. But don’t go during the winter (learned my lesson the hard way).

Best things to see:

Künstlerhaus Bethanien – A 17th century hospital that’s now home to several art squatters.

Hamburger Bahnhof – A 19th century train terminal that’s now a contemporary art museum with Dan Flavin light installation on the building’s exterior.

Sachsenhausen – Concentration camp 1 hour north of Berlin. Take a tour with Insider Tour’s Jakob, he was an amazing guide!

Best places to eat:

Schlemmerbuffet – Super cheap, huge kabab sandwiches.

I Due Forni – Punk run Italian joint.

Luigi Zuckerman – Berlin’s take on a NYC Jewish deli. It’s run by a 20-something Israelie, who used to live on Avenue A, NYC.

Best places to go out:

Zu Mir oder Zu Dir – World’s chillest bar. With the world’s greatest name, “My place or your place?”

Clarchens Ballhaus – An old school dance hall that feels like you’re on a family vacation in the Berkshires.

And then any club in a warehouse in Friedrichshain.

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