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Facebook, You Ain’t My Everything

Posted in internet by tipo on February 7, 2010

Facebook will do or die in the next few months. Expect it to not only turn into your main content platform, but for it also to become very location centric. We already witnessed the network’s power last week – A Facebook blog post encouraged users to create a “news” feed, fanning your favorite media outlets. As a result, Facebook was the #4 source of visits to media sites last week, only behind Google, Yahoo and MSN. Come on, that is insane how quickly Facebook can disrupt a paradigm.

More so, industry rumors hint that Facebook will soon institutionalize check-ins. This is obviously a major threat to location darlings Foursquare, Gowalla, and Yelp. But how public are Facebook users willing to become? On Foursquare, I have 25 friends who I interact with on a daily basis. On Facebook, I have 800 friends that I never talk to and see – do I really need those people to know where I hang out at night?

If Facebook is out there and listening, please take my advice that you need to step up your intelligence algorithms. If my news feed becomes flooded with content and location check-ins of people I never contact, get ready for me to unfriend hundreds of people. The value of my Facebook friends rely on whether 1) I hang out with them in real life 2) I can’t hang out with them in real life but want to stay in touch or 3) I find them voyeuristically interesting. Every time I click on a friend’s profile, read an article they liked or viewed a photo, I need you to track that data and provide me with smarter content recommendations and location check-ins upon my return. If you don’t become any smarter, you will start to resemble the black hole that is my email inbox.

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