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A Foursquare Critique On 4SQ Day

Posted in internet by tipo on April 16, 2010

In honor of global 4SQ Day, I thought I’d add my two cents about the application despite this post being way overdue. One, I’m a Foursquare addict as broadcasting my locations to friends was something I already did. Two, I’ve been disappointed with many of the brand integrations.

Currently we’ve seen brands sponsor the leaderboard, a badge or tips. A best in class examples is watching Tasti-D-Lite build a loyalty program around Foursquare – at least this integration is connected to business goals. The realm to play within the application seems limited, but it’s not.

Foursquare should continue to be used for loyalty programs and CRM. Similarly, the application is ripe for research. Shopping behaviors, qualitative consumer insights (tip section), top performing stores and more could be deducted from Foursquare. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nielsen teams up with Foursquare one day. And lastly, the undiscovered integration: emotional connections.

News organizations and entertainment houses need to capitalize on an existing behavior, checking-in to a cultural moment. During the NYC winter 09/10 snowstorms users checked-in to the user-generated venue “Snowpocalypse NYC.” Countless New Yorkers wrote tips such as “Sledding in Central Park” to much more slanderous remarks. In that brief window of time, hundreds of people made an emotional connection within the application and to each other. News and entertainment joints could do just the same with live events, television shows and movies. There are countless opportunities for transmedia storytelling and deeper connections to your brand within Foursquare.

On today’s first 4SQ Day, I ask for marketers to think bigger. (And yes, I’m pretty sure the only people who read my blog are marketers and my boyfriend.)

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