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Friday Make A Chart Day (v3)

Posted in internet by tipo on April 16, 2010

Strategist/blogger/fashionista/lolcats-aficionado Bud Caddell declared all Fridays #makeachartday two weeks ago. The successful launch was followed by strategist/blogger/ping-pong-maker/manly-man Clay Parker Jones encore worthy performance as host. The hostess baton is passed to me this week, so please send me your glorious charts either by leaving a comment with an URL or by posting to twitpic/tweetphoto (include #makeachartday). I’ll post them below throughout the day.

By Johanna

By Bud

By Tyler

By David

By Bud (his 2nd chart of the day)

By Ellen

By Rye

By Kyle

By Jen

By Matt

By Christopher

By Michael

By Jonathan

By Clay (this is one of a series)

By Eric

By Mike

By Eric (his 2nd chart of the day)

By Jonathan

By Len

By Dan

By Rick

By Bud (his 3rd chart of the day)

By Ana

By Christy

By Charlie

By Clay (his 2nd chart of the day)

By Pragerd

By Adam

By Jonathan (his 2nd chart of the day)

By Mark

By Ana (her 2nd chart of the day in response to Jonathan’s Orbit chart)

By Dan-O

By Matt

By Daniel

By Brandi

By Josh (hater of #makeachartday)

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